Saturday, May 9, 2020

Young Women In Music -Meet Luchi Shiki

Luzibo Tabona Moyo a 23 year old lady of Bulawayo, she is known as Luchi Shiki born on the 23rd of March 1997. She is a singer, songwriter and dancer, choreographer and painter. She started dancing in 2004 and she realised that she wanted to be a musician at the age of 12 and later in 2010 she started painting. In 2013 her dream came true when her music career kicked off. Initially she wanted to be a prim ballerina but BeyoncĂ©’s ego music video gave her a new perspective were the idea of singing and dancing to your own music looked so powerful and inspiring. Added to that she had a long history of watching her father perform as the lead vocalist for Black Umfolosi.

Many people have contributed to the rise of Luchi Shiki and they are still doing so, talking of her father Sutra Moyo, larynx, fish f ndaramu, msiz’kay, black umfolosi, murphy cubic, rockiest doub and her close family and friends. She’s passionate about her craftwork and talented too. She   uses her talent to express what she goes through and what other people may relate to. She has felt so connected to the songs that she heard on radio as they sparked happy and sad memories hence she hopes that her music may also give a spark to the person listening to it. Luchi shiki has shared the stage with many talented people of Bulawayo at intwasa festival, annual august rush and jdumza’s album launch. She was nominated twice at the skymaz 2018 for best metro urban and female of the year these marked as her biggest achievements. The journey to success is never a smooth road 2019,  was a hard rock year for luchi  because she had to put her music on hold to get her national certificate in applied art and design  as she valued the importance of education to her and she hopes and believes that in the near future her fine art will intertwine with her music.

Luchi is currently working on an EP called 4plae but latest offering now out is titled shuga shuga produced by msiz’kay. Due to the pandemic and lockdown put production into hold, but she only shared that the EP will be a 4 track love song playlist and the release date is yet to be set. She says she loves all her past projects though amongst her upcoming releases mortal kombat and forbidden fruit are top on the list both produced by jaytweny8. She has worked with various artists talk of benny jones, fish ndaramu, larynx, rockiedoub,vic chita, jdumza, cal-vin, tha dawg, msiz’kay and black umfolosi. In terms of production she works with msizkay, II duces and jaytweny8 and she pushlishes her own work. Her wish is to oneday work with nasty c, asaph and Billie eilish.

Describing how she gets inspired in her endeavors, the young and talented songstress, painter and choreographer, she sees each day as a step towards who you want to be and self-love as a gift you give not only yourself but the people around you.

I.G -@luchishiki263
FACEBOOK -  Luchi Shiki
TWITTER - @LuchiShiki #shugashuga

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